Ella’s authentic style of communication resonates with the audience for two major reasons; two decades of real business experience and inspiring immigrant-hustle story. As a veteran Financial Literacy Coach, Founder of ERPS Group and Best Selling Author, Ella Rivkin speaks on variety of real life challenges that people face in day-to-day life. Her areas of expertise range from Financial Literacy to Time Management. She often speaks to youth organization on designing a life of purpose and intention as well as to professionals on on Entrepreneurship, Business Startups, Finances and other areas of specialty listed below.


  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Startup
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management

To Book Ella Rivkin for your next event please email csr1@erpsgroup.com for availability, rates and qualification.

Financial Planning and Personal Development

Financial Planning and Personal Development

“As soon as you begin financial planning, the benefits will start to unfold. And not only in your business life,…